Our purchasing

Our Process
We are a small,
pro-active and
efficient team.
We have the ability to work quickly and closely together to make decisions.
Wherever the scheme is located in the UK, we have systems and procedures in place to efficiently work out the feasibility of each development we look at. We aim to carry out our due diligence and be in a position to make an offer to the builder or developer within two weeks of receiving all the necessary information on the development.
Step one
Builder/developer contacts Delph and provides as much information as possible on the development
  • Address
  • Plans
  • Schedule of accommodation
  • External elevations/CGI’s
  • Planning history
Step two
Delph carries out desktop appraisal of the scheme
Step three
Delph visits the site to assess the scheme and carry out local due diligence
Step four
Department heads sign off scheme
Step five
Managing Director approval
Step six
Offer made