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Insights from the 2016 EG Development Summit

By Emma Keller, New Business Development Manager.

Unlike many people bustling about the EG Development Summit, this was my first property industry event after joining Delph Property Group as the New Business Development Manager. I must admit I had no idea what to expect from the day ahead, but I knew it would be challenging, informative and of course, very interesting.

From the offset there was fraught discussion about the changing political environment, both home and abroad (you can find out more about the event using #EGSummit). Although we have yet to feel any real negative effects resulting from Brexit, the property industry obviously feels that there is a long road ahead and a lack of immediate impact should not cloud people’s judgment.

This was reflected most prominently in the day’s opening talk by Savills, during which they forecast a slowdown in the market between now and 2018. This was followed by speeches from companies such as L&G, Harworth and Glenbrook who echoed long term concerns about Brexit and the impact the new cabinet would have on the housing market.

However there are always two sides to the story, something showcased during a session entitled: ‘UK cities: Open and ready for business’. It highlighted the frustration felt by cities that are open to new developments and regeneration, but are faced with developers who sit on inactive empty land for years after obtaining planning permission.

This is something Delph is witnessing first hand in great locations such as Liverpool and Manchester. We are really excited about our upcoming developments in these cities and it amazes us how developers lack the willingness to build in some of the UK’s fastest growing cities where demand is high, we’re finding more and more often that this boils down to a question of funding. At Delph, we offer forward funding to builders and developers as well as large deposits to purchase entire residential developments which can often kick start these stagnant sites.

As the day came to a close I took time to reflect on the location of this year’s Summit in Birmingham. Considering how growth in the housing sector remains strongest outside of London, it was great to see hear from speakers such as Andy Street (Mayoral candidate for West Midlands) who spoke passionately about the opportunities open to developers both in Birmingham and beyond.

For a long time now, Delph has focused its attention on working with housebuilders in the UK’s regional cities, including Birmingham and Leicester, and enjoyed huge success. The Summit filled me with confidence that new opportunities will continue to come.

I really enjoyed my first property event and it gave me a lot of food for thought in the ways in which Delph can connect with new partners. In times that can yield real uncertainty and volatility, the EG Development Summit served as a reminder that partnerships and connectivity are the key to success across the sector.

If you are interested in partnering with Delph get in touch with me at or call 020 7907 5555.