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What makes a fantastic show apartment?

Show flats and show homes are widely employed by property companies to allow prospective buyers’ imagination to flourish as soon as they step foot in the room. But why is it important to choose your interior designers as carefully as your site location, suppliers, and contractors?


Many believe that designing a show apartment is as simple as filling the space basically with stock furniture, simply illustrating what each room’s purpose is; bedroom, living room, study.

At Delph, we believe that a truly fantastic show apartment makes a vital difference in sales, from the moment a development is launched. We spoke with our interior designer Veta Sitaropoulos to find out more.

How do show flats help people who are thinking about buying a property?

It’s often very hard looking at a plan to visualise how big an apartment is, or how the internal spaces work in relation to one another. Being able to view a show flat helps you understand exactly that. It’s also incredibly useful to see the details that are being offered in kitchens and bathrooms for example and to see the quality of the finished build.

A good show apartment will also give you a real feel for how one might actually live in a space; what sort of furnishings will not just fit, but suit the space, and how best to take advantage of light and views.

What is the message you wish to convey through the interior design of the Orleans House show flat?

Our most recent show apartment at Orleans House is particularly special because of the wonderful history of the building. Originally a cotton warehouse, the building has so many unique, original features that we fell in love with, and we very much wanted to showcase these in a modern and elegant way.

We’ve highlighted the great proportions and high ceilings with feature seagrass wallpaper, for example, and have dressed the three metre high windows with floor to ceiling curtains. We’ve used contemporary, comfortable furnishings to give the show flat a warm and welcoming vibe, which is very much in the spirit of the building.

Is every show flat the same? How do they differentiate?

We try to give every show flat a different feel. This is partly dictated by the style of the building and the apartment layout itself. Within Orleans House for example, the lower floors feature soaring ceilings, but the top level flats are tucked into the mansard roof and have charming sloped ceilings and beautiful views over the city.

We’d definitely furnish these two types of spaces in a different way. The interiors might also be tailored to the demographic of buyer that the developer is expecting.

Does the location of a property development affect your interior design method/choices for the show flat?

Yes, and no. People look for good quality wherever they are and we design and decorate with that in mind. That said, each city definitely has its own mood and I’m sure that we absorb some of this when designing. We’re based in London and it’s a really fun part of the process to get to know other areas better over the progress of a build. We’re architecture nerds, so there’s always a lot of exploring that goes on!

What is the most important step in the process of show flat interior design?

The most important part of the design process is understanding initially what a purchaser would like to see. A show apartment really needs to work as a tool for people to understand what they’re buying. The spatial design of the apartment and the selection of furnishings and fittings all naturally follow on from this initial thought process.

Is there a most important feature in a show flat? What is it?

For us, personality is key. We like to show a home that is full of the things that a resident might have chosen and collected for themselves.

The internet is so useful these days and we source items from all around the globe to build this story. Most of the time, we want to keep half of the furnishings for ourselves, which is a pretty good sign that something’s fabulous!

Is it important to dress show flats with high quality goods?
Yes, we think so. The level of the furnishings certainly needs to reflect the quality of the building and we’re lucky with Delph that this is always very high.

What makes a fantastic show flat?
It’s that indefinable element that makes you want it for your own. We spent a couple of days installing at Orleans House, during which time the rest of the site was still under construction. We had everyone visiting the apartment, from the senior directors to the builders who were busy transforming the site into what you see today, and every single one of them (as well as our team) didn’t want to leave. I think if any one of us could have snapped up the show apartment on the spot, we would have! I’m already supremely jealous of the lucky folk who’ll get to call it home.

Orleans House launched in March, if you would like to arrange a viewing of the property contact our on-site team 0151 236 77 77

If you’d like to get in touch about working with us in the future, contact our development team


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